Tuesday, December 27, 2016

27.12-02.01 BEST OF 2016

Hello challengers!

It had been wonderful two and half years of Tuesdays with great photo collection you made. Thank you very much for being a part of this project!

But now I get more and more busy with my studies and life, so it's hard to keep Challenge up in date. In general meaning as well as literally. Thats the reason why I decided to stop the sequence.

If there is someone who wants to relay then you are welcome to continue :)

Wish you everyone a cheerful end of 2016 and lots of great shots in 2017

27.12-02.01 You can submit photo from your photoblog that fit the competition topic

03.01-09.01 You can vote for three of your favorites

10.01 You can see top three of challenge


  1. It is another one sad news of 2016 :(
    Thank you for all these weeks.

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